Having a dryer that works well at home is a guarantee of practicality and economy. But when choosing a model, do you have questions? Sometimes, not even the seller can explain about the various types of devices on the market, but rest assured that I will give you some very important and enlightening tips! Here's my short list that is successful for sure!

Every good soft bonnet hair dryer has to have a high power to ensure hair dries faster: Hairdressers recommend a power above 2000 W.

It plugs into your dryer accessories: Having styling nozzles makes all the difference. The most commonly used are wide, narrow and diffuser nozzles.

Prefer high-tech handsets: They are a little more expensive than the basic ones, but they are very worthwhile in the cost-effective way.

Pay attention to the weight of the dryer: Prefer the compact models, so you avoid uncomfortable pain with repetitive movements.

What are the planks and dryers ions for?

The boards straightening and dryers achieved their place in the beauty market. These products are extremely practical as they can be carried in the bag and reduce the need to visit the hairdresser frequently. Finally, they make life easier for thousands of women, helping them to keep their hair always beautiful and tidy wherever they are.

 The problem is that ordinary boards can cause hair damage. Therefore, companies have started to use a new technology that allows hair straightening without causing damage to them, we are talking about negative ions , which guarantee better product performance and consequently a better result in hair treatment.


What is an ion?

The ion is a chemical species that has an excess of electric charge, which can be positive or negative, and this is due to loss or gain of electrons.

How do they act on hair?

Positively charged ions are found in some toxic substances like smoke. They open the hair strands and are harmful to the health of the hair.

 Already a negatively charged ion does the opposite, it closes the hair cuticles performing a natural hydration that keeps the hair shinier and smoother, and ends the frizz. It is a great ally of hair health.

 Ionized boards or flat iron do not usually break or dry out the hair like the others. So when buying your hair dryer or flat iron, opt for a product that has ions and keep your hair always beautiful and well maintained. At Kalista Salon you will find various models of boards and dryers with negative ions. Just go to our website and access the beauty and health department or go to one of our stores .